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roulette-3d-bigRoulette is one of the most played casino games that iPad users tend to play more than any other casino game. There are good reasons why Roulette is as popular as it is and in this section of our website we shall be taking a much closer look at the many different variants of this casino table game which you can install onto your iPad via one of our many different featured mobile casino sites.

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You will find each Roulette game offered will come with a different playing structure and format, and not every single game you come across is going to be the best one to play! You need to be aware of the house edge that is attached to each Roulette variant, and ensure that if you do decide to play you pick the one that has the very lowest house edge.

Take a look through this iPad Roulette playing guide for listed below is each variant on offer and alongside each one you will find information regarding the house edge offered by each game along with information on how the game has been designed to play out!

American Roulette – You should avoid play the American Roulette game on your iPad at all costs, the reason for this is simple, there are two zeros in this Roulette games wheel and the payouts are the same as other single zero Roulette games and that results in the house edge this game has been designed with is much higher than other variants. In fact the house edge on American Roulette is a very unattractive and unappealing 5.26%!

Progressive Roulette – Progressive Roulette is available to play at some mobile casino sites, however due to there being an ever rising progressive jackpot on offer that will call for you to have to place an additional side bet onto the betting layout to have any chance of winning that jackpot. Whilst the base game of progressive Roulette games may be comparable to other games, the house edge attached to the side bet is large, and that simple fact will mean your bankroll is slowly eaten away when you keep on placing that bonus bet!

French Roulette – One of the best Roulette game you can access and play on your iPad if you prefer placing even money bets onto the betting layouts is the French Roulette game variant. When playing French Roulette if you place an even money paying bet such as a wager on the odd numbers, and a zero is spun in you will either get half of your stake son that betting position returned to you, or those bets will stand for the next spin and will never be removed as losing bets when a zero has been spun in. That rule means the house edge of French Roulette is 1.35% on all even money paying betting opportunities!

European Roulette – The European Roulette game is found at every single one of our top rated mobile casino sites. This game has one zero on its wheel and every single betting opportunity that you can place wagers on via its betting layout has a very low house edge of just 2.70%. You will be able to play this game for low or high stakes and will get a winning payout of 35 to 1 returned to you on all straight up numbers if your chosen one is spun in!

Mini Roulette – You will find the Mini Roulette game offered at any iPad compatible mobile casino sites that use the Playtech gaming platform. This game is different to all other variants due to the fact there is one zero on the wheel and just twelve other numbers. However, this is sadly a poor paying game due to it having a large house edge attached to it, so avoid playing this game and stick to play the French or American Roulette games instead!

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