iPad Baccarat

bgoscreenshot-1One casino card game that you are going to be able to access and play when you are logged into a mobile casino site on an iPad is the game of Baccarat. This game may on first appearance look like a rather confusing game to play, but once you learn how the game plays and pays you will find it is a very streaky game on which some large amounts of cash can be won!

In this section of our huge iPad mobile casino game orientated website we are going to take a look at how this popular casino card game plays and pays, so if you have always fancied playing it but have been put off playing it due to the game looking too difficult to play, then keep on reading to find out just how easy it is to play!

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The first thing that you need to be aware of is that this game uses one single deck of cards, however some casinos may use more than one deck of cards. Those cards are always going to be fully shuffled by the random number generator before a new game is dealt out to you.

The aim of the game is Baccarat is for you to correctly predict which of two hands of cards is going to have a series of cards dealt out to them that will give that hand a value as close to a total of nine as is possible.

You are able to place a wager a slow as just 1.00 on most iPad compatible Baccarat games, and you are faced with deciding whether you think the Bankers and the Players hand will be the one which is closer to a total value of nine. There is also another betting option on which you can bet that the hands will end up as tied hands.

Once you have made your decision you then simply need to tap your chips onto the betting box that you wish to place your stakes on. As soon as you have done this you next simply need to click on the Dealer button and the Dealer will then deal out a series of cards to each hand.

As soon as the Dealer has dealt out those cards to each hand the one which is closest to the value of nine or is in fact valued at nine will be deemed to be the winning, and if your selected hand wins then you are paid out.

Be aware the winning payouts for the Tied Hand betting option can and will vary depending at just which mobile casino site you are playing Baccarat at. However, the payout odds of a winning Bankers or Dealers hand will be the same at most sites.

If you have placed a wager on the Players Hand and that hand is the one which has a value higher than that of the Bankers hand you are paid out at odds of even money. If you have placed a wager on the Bankers Hand and that hand wins the game then the payout odds ate even money but will a 5% house commission charged on that winning bet.

Be aware that when playing Baccarat on an iPad at any of our listed and approved mobile casino sites you are going to be earning comp points on every single real money wager you play, no matter if those hands are winning ones or losing ones. When you have enough comp points you can then redeem them and turn them into bonus credits.

One final thing you do need to be aware of is that if you have claimed a mobile casino site bonus and you do fancy playing the iPad compatible game of Baccarat then due to the fairly low house edge of this game the play through requirements may be a little higher than when for example you use those bonus funds on the slot games!

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